Please enter the below address into your cars satellite navigation system to make your journey easier:
1 Royal Way, Kansas City, Missouri 64129
Note that traffic nearing Kauffman Stadium is often busier than normal around the time of popular events.Plan accordingly!

Parking at The K was updated as part of the renovations of Kauffman Stadium. Because of this, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle from the West Parking Lot to the East Parking Lot (or vice-versa) once you’ve entered the stadium complex.

Be sure to reference the correct interstate and parking gate to enter in order to park on the side of The K that you prefer.

Regular-Season Game Parking is $15 for cars and motorcycles, $20 for oversized vehicles and $25 for RV’s, buses and empty tractor-trailers. An oversized vehicle is any vehicle that takes up more than one parking space.

However, prices may vary according to event as well. For example, general parking for the Billy Joel concert on Friday, September, 21st 2018, was $30, oversized vehicles was $45, and bus parking was $60.

Day of game and event parking is cash only. Oversized vehicles (taking up more than one space in the lot) will be directed to park in Lot L (first base/east side) or Lot N (third base/west wide).

Also, parking lots close one hour after the event ends. It is best to check on the official MLB site for more information in regards to game day parking as prices and parking lots may vary from time to time.